Transform your compliance processes with a holistic and automated approach.

Aside from the costs involved with non-compliance, conventional compliance processes are typically expensive, time-consuming and reactive rather than proactive. A Smart Compliance Process is one that encompasses a holistic and integrated approach, leveraging technology to facilitate a more agile process, making compliance teams more efficient and effective - driving greater value to the business.

Alyne's Content library comprehensively covers more than 50 leading standards, laws and regulations, providing organisations with a smart way of managing and monitoring compliance to standards such as:

  • SOX / SOC 1
  • ISMS ISO / IEC 27001
  • NIST
  • SOC 2
  • APRA CPS 234 and many more.

Compliance processes should be a business partner, not a business preventer.

At Alyne, we understand the need to simplify, digitalise and automate processes to minimise guesswork as well as foster collaboration across your organisation; all while maintaining transparency and consistency across the control framework.

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Alyne's Capabilities

Leverage Alyne to streamline and simplify your organisation's compliance process.
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Collaboration & Centralised Data

Alyne acts as a central repository for your compliance requirements and efforts. When performed in a single platform, it boasts a powerful audit trail aimed at simplifying the often arduous audit process. In-app collaboration fosters a more efficient and agile process.

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Predefined Control Sets 

Alyne's predefined Control Sets relieve Compliance Officers from the guesswork involved in the interpretation of standards, laws and regulations. Alyne simplifies regulations and their requirements into bite-sized chunks, offering easy-to-understand and easy-to-action controls to use across the enterprise.

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Assessments & Reporting

Alyne helps you to understand compliance maturity levels through scalable assessments, providing you with the ability to gain transparency on your risks of non-compliance, as well as perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on risks to better understand your Value at Risk (i.e. your cost of non-compliance)

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"Alyne has been tremendously helpful in streamlining our supplier due diligence process and managing our risk register in support of our APRA and ISO27001 certification requirements."

- Mark Powell
Chief Financial Officer 

"TrialCard was able to achieve everything we were looking for in a vendor self-assessment solution, thanks to Alyne. We view Alyne not just as a vendor, but as a strategic partner in our Vendor Management process."

- Stuart Browy
Senior Director of Information Security, ISO

"Our interactions and partnership with Alyne is very positive. Whether it be guidance, consulting or support, we have established a very progressive and engaging partnership."

- Paul Jreige
General Manager,
Information Technology

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